Fathers are important!

“He did not tell me how to live; he lived and let me watch him do it!” – Clarence Budington

Your wife or girlfriend needs you more than ever. You know that, but what can you do? You are just as scared as she is! What can you do?

  • Make an appointment for pregnancy testing with us and come to the appointment with her. Even if you aren’t in the room while she takes the test, knowing you are out there waiting is a huge weight lifted off of her.
  • Listen to her fears and concerns.
  • Talk to her about your fears and concerns.
  • Be honest and kind. This is scary for both of you.
  • Gather all the facts about pregnancy options.
  • And above all stay calm.

We offer pregnancy testing, and a host of pregnancy, parenting, and relationship classes.
All services are free of charge no matter your financial circumstances.

We also offer Fatherhood classes, for more information please call us.

Please call and make an appointment today!